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For a gentle reminder that you matter.

So many of us go through life pouring into others and putting ourselves last. This is your reminder that you matter and after reading these incredible stories you will be inspired and identify with a little bit of each of the incredible coauthors. My hope is you will understand how putting yourself first will allow you to pour into others effortlessly and you will find the calm ease and joy so many of us are searching for.

Uncover Your Light explores the concept of how to shine brightly when you’ve lost touch with who you are. Whether you are struggling with a life transition, personal upheaval, or gradual detachment over time, the question is:

How do you begin to find your true self again?

Would you even know her if you bumped into the real you?

These personal stories of hope and resilience are about being the best version of yourself, which is a profound act of self-love. Taking this journey of self-discovery will allow you to reconnect with the beauty and power that lies within: Get to know her, love her, and celebrate her.

Your radiant light is waiting to shine brightly and to inspire those around you to do the same.

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